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The field of medicine is a very delicate one, which is why the professionals who work in it (doctors, nurses, etc.), undergo years of study and receive specific practical training in the field of medication. Prescribing a medication to a patient goes through a long training, called medication simulation, during which these professionals acquire the skills required to respond favorably to the management of many diseases. For these training sessions, the products used are not real medications, but rather simulated medications.

Simulated medications for training : what is it ?

Simulated medications are products developed and dedicated to training medical students and professionals in real-life situations. They benefit from the must in terms of techniques, administration and dosage of drugs that will allow them to acquire basic skills and minimize medication errors. These products are recognized for their effectiveness in hands-on training, as they confront learners with real-life dosing and administration needs.

simulated medications for training

The benefits of simulated medications

In professional medical education, it is natural to use simulated medications to train participants. It is the most reliable way to confront them with multiple cases and familiarize them with these products, so that they are able to respond effectively to patients’ needs. The benefits of simulated medications are numerous:

  • They provide a better understanding of the clinical medication environment.
  • They are used to prepare participants for the management of real medications in a setting that is close to the practical reality they will encounter in their future daily dealings with patients.
  • They also prepare participants in the best possible way in the field, as they are multi-faceted, thus promoting a good understanding of the specific guidelines for each case to be treated.
  • They help participants to better understand the process of packaging and labeling of pharmaceutical products. They take the place of real medications in the learning process.
  • These products also help to avoid errors in the practice of medicine. Participants can learn without involving the health of the patients. This will enable them to treat patients effectively.

Simulated medications for training : why register ?

Enrolling in a medication simulation in medicine will offer you many educational and practical benefits. It is a necessary step that all future professionals must take, as it provides the skills necessary to medicate patients in clinical and hospital settings. To become a nurse practitioner, for example, this training is mandatory. Indeed, you will need to go through a medication simulation to learn how to solve upcoming medical emergencies, which may or may not be life-threatening, meaning that you will know which medication is appropriate in each case for patients.

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In addition, the training also gives you the experience and ability to create placebo drugs, through the formulation that characterizes pharmaceuticals as well as prescriptions. The purpose of simulating these experiences is to optimize the lessons and to make the skills that will be acquired during the real-life practice, for administration and dosing, reliable.

Specifically, the main advantage of training in drug simulation is that you will be able to avoid medical errors in practice, thanks to the techniques that introduce the simulated drugs.

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